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In this blog post, we are going to be talking about Medical World Nigeria.We will get to know what they are all about.


What is Medical World Nigeria?

As the name implies, Medical World Nigeria is an information based-site dedicated to happenings within the health sector in Nigeria. It was developed about a decade ago.

It is a leading electronic medium for prople workingin the health sector—Pharmacists, Medical Doctors, Dentists, Medical Laboratory Scientists, Nurses, Radiographers, Physiotherapists and so on.

The idea behind this endeavour is that it gives useful information regarding the health sector and also publishes vacancies or job openings. These job openings can be in Teaching Hospitals, Federal Medical Centres, Non-Governmental Organisations, as well as Health Maintenance Organisations (HMOs), companies and other establishments.

They also publish internship openings in different hospitals.

Scope Of Medical World Nigeria

As you can see, it’s quite specific. They do not discuss other things that are not health-related on their site.

How Long Has This Site Been Online?

Medical World Nigeria was actually registered over ten years ago.

From available records, they were registered on 24th September, 2012, and the site has been live since then. This means it is over ten years ago.

What Are The Things That You Can Do On The Site?

1) On the Medical World website, you can get recent health-related news. There is a lot of news and other information going out daily.

There are also articles about things happening in the health sector.

2) You can view medical advertorials.

3) You can also check out health-related scholarship opportunities

4) Upcoming Trainings, Workshops and Conferences can also be seen on this site.

5) Links to application forms for School of Health Technology.

6) You can also have some press publications or news of latest happenings or that’s a a health organization or institution has decided to make public.

7) You can get in on their site and look for jobs.

If you are a health personnel, you can search these jobs in two ways:

A) by location, that is, the states where the job advertised is located.

B) by profession eg. doctor, nurse, pharmacist, and so on.

So this jobs, this job portal is also segregated as follows:

A) Oil and Gas Jobs

B) Government Jobs

C) Company Jobs

D) HMO Jobs

E) Hospital Jobs

F) School Jobs

G) NGO Jobs

H) Pharmaceutical Jobs

I) Internship Openings

This makes it easier for you to streamline what you are looking for.

8) Trainings

The health field is dynamic. New discoveries and inventions come up from time to time.

There is need for health workers to be abreast of the current happenings and breakthroughs in the medical field. This will enable patients to receive better quality of care.

This is why continuous training is needed.

Medical World Nigeria provide links and information about these upcoming trainings.

Some of the trainings will include
A) First Aid and CPR courses.

Everybody working in the health sector needs to know the First Aid basics. Even those who are non-medical personnel also need to be trained on First Aid basics, as we can have people in life-threatening emergencies at any time.

A medical personnel may not always be available during such times.

B) Basic and advanced cardiovascular life support services.

These are things to do to help somebody that is in that’s in an emergency situation affecting the heart and cardiovascular system.

These are some of the trainings Medical World Nigeria provides links to.
Some of these trainings hold monthly and so on.

C) Practical skill enhancement trainings

D) HSE courses

E) Trauma courses

F) Paediatric courses.

Children actually make up a good number of people in Nigeria.

It is quite important to organise courses on paediatrics from time to time, especially for the specialists and doctors, nurses that are concerned with children so that they can enhance their skills and and know how to perform better.

So How Do They Operate?

They have their website which is quite active.

They also have a Facebook page

They also have Twitter handle, @MedicalworldNig with over 24,000 followers.

They also accept information about trainings, conferences and workshops from providers. So, you can get across to them and they will publicise your health-related events or trainings.

Why Is This Site Important?

It’s important because they publish up to date information they bring in.

How often do they publish?

They publish at least every week. They bring out some posts every week.

So why the importance, like you said, is that they give information, very vital information about trainings, about job openings.

They also give vital information about current news and current trends in the medical field.


Medical World Nigeria is an online platform that disseminates information beneficial to medical and health professionals.


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