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Medical Outreach Flyer

In this blog post, we are going to be talking about medical outreach flyers and the basic things you need to know about getting the flyers ready. This information is important as you go ahead to plan towards your medical outreach.



When carrying out a medical outreach, one of the things you need to do is to create awareness of your event within the catchment area where the medical outreach will be taking place. Whether people attend or not can make or mar your efforts. One of the most important tools in creating this awareness is use of flyers. Simply put, flyers are an important part of your medical outreach plans.

What do you need to know about medical outreach flyers?

Do You Really Need A Flyer For Your Medical Outreach?

This is the first question you need to ask yourself in order to determine your next course of action as regards medical outreach flyers.

Is it important to create flyers when preparing for a medical outreach?

Yes, it is.

We will give two reasons why we think you should have flyers ready for your proposed medical outreach:

1) You can reach more people with flyers: A flyer will reach more people than your word-of-mouth or even group campaigns. People you may not have the luxury of time to speak to can even get your medical outreach flyers and see for themselves all they need to know about your outreach.

2) To give concise information about your outreach within the shortest possible time: Having a flyer makes it possible for the recipients to, within seconds, know what your outreach is all about.

Imagine having to talk to 30 people individually in just one hour, for instance, and you have to explain to each of them about your proposed medical outreach? It is going to be both time-consuming and stressful. A flyer quickly gives your recipients the details they need to know about your outreach.

You Also Need Banners

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In addition to having flyers, you also need to have a couple of banners ready for the medical outreach. We will explain more later in this post.

How Do I Design A Medical Outreach Flyer?

To design a medical outreach flyer, you can take to one of these two approaches:

1) Have the flyer designed by a professional: By professional, we mean experts in the area of graphic designing. This will entail meeting with them, either online or offline, explaining to them what the outreach is about, and giving them the information they need in order to design the medical outreach flyer.

However, note that this is obviously not free as you’re going to incur some costs. You can get these services from physical graphic designer studios or offices around your locality.

You can also use services like Fiverr or Upwork in order to locate graphic designers that may be suited for the design you want. Note that prices and even quality of the finished design may vary

2) Do-It-Yourself: We now have many tools which enable people to design wonderful flyers and other media items from the comfort of their homes just with their phones and laptops. They basically provide flyer templetes which you now modify in order to create what you have in mind.

Canva is one of the foremost and the best in this regards. It is the people’s choice when it comes to do-it-yourself designs. You just choose a template and then begin to modify. The free version can be enough for you to do something basic. However, if you want more options, templates, free images and more flexibility of your designs, you could go for the paid version. (Canva Pro).

Canva Dashboard

How Can I Make An Attractive Flyer?

To do that, you need:
1) The right colour combination: You need to have the right blend of colours. You also need a good background.
2) The necessary information: Having the right information will make someone stay on your medical outreach flyer and even give it to his neighbor to also look at.

What Information Do I Need To Include In The Flyer?

Having the right information on your flyer makes for clarity. Anybody seeing the flyer knows what to expect concerning the medical outreach. They can then be in a better position to make up their minds whether to attend or not.

Some of the information you need to put on your medical outreach flyer include:

1) Title/Theme of the Medical Outreach:
You have something like “Medical Outreach X”, “Free Medical Outreach Y”, “Christmas Outreach”, “Free Medical Outreach For Children”. The title can also be made to reflect the prevailing season at that time. The title is one of the things that first hits people when they look at your medical outreach flyer.

2) The people behind the medical outreach: This may be an individual or a group of people. You need to let whoever seeing your flyer know the stakeholders behind the outreach.

3) Date of the outreach: The date of your outreach is an information you must not fail to feature in your flyer. Some people may pick up your flyer a day or two before the outreach and start wondering if the outreach has already taken place. If it will last more than one day, be sure to include it, for instance, 22nd-24th December 2022.

4) Venue: People need to know beforehand the location for the outreach. They can then plan when to start leaving their houses, especially those who reside a distance away from the venue.

5) Time: Include the time period during which the outreach will last. For example 8am-4pm. Some people may stay in their houses and want to be sure the outreach has really started and drugs are being given out for free. These ones may then start coming to the outreach venue when you are already packing up to go.

Having clearly defined time stated on your flyer will let everyone know that late coming will not be condoned. This will make for better organization of the event.

6) Highlights of the Medical Outreach: Here, you list important takeaways people are to expect from the outreach. Examples include free blood sugar test, health talk or health education, free cervical cancer screening, free eye examination. This will serve to entice people who need these and cannot afford them on their own.

In some outreaches, for example, free eye check is done and glasses recommended and given for free. Such beneficiaries may not be able to bear the cost if they were to go to a hospital to procure it themselves.

6) Image: This will include your organization’s logo or an image. You can take the picture yourself. You can also use free picture services like Pixabay and Freepik in order to source these pictures. Your picture needs to be eye-catching in order to attract and sustain the attention of the reader.

7) Contact: Most times, a phone number will suffice. This is a way in which people can reach out to the organizers of the medical outreach in case of further enquirers. In some cases, some individuals or groups may want to partner with the people organizing the medical outreach in one or more areas. Having a contact phone number

Should It Be Portrait Or Landscape?

There is no rule to this.

However, note that portrait design will contain more information without looking crowded, compared to landscape.

Some Helpful Tips

*Ensure you have a good design. If you cannot do it yourself, pay a professional to do it. The amount it will cost you will not be too much compared to what you want to achieve through the outreach. As a matter of fact, include the cost of flyer design in your outreach budget.

*Let your flyer come out early: Your flyer should be available to your intended audience at most 2-4 weeks before the date. This is to make sure they have ample time to see it again and again and then adjust their schedules accordingly.

*Ensure that key people in the community have your flyers: This include the town leaders, women leaders, men leaders and youth leaders. Also ensure, as much as possible that the religious institutions within the area have the information about the outreach. They can even help to mobilize their members in order to ensure that they turn out en masse.

Should You Use Soft Copy Or Hard Copy Flyers?

In this digital age, you need to explore both options. Some people will not remember where they kept the hard cop flyers. However, they can see the flyers again when posted in their WhatsApp groups or when sent to them by a friend or family member.

If you are sticking to only hardcopy, you may lose out on some potential audience that would have attended the outreach.

What About The Printing?

Here, you will need to balance quality with cost. Look for local printers around you and see what they have to offer. The quality will also be determined by the amount you have allocated to it in your budget.

How Many Flyers Should You Print?

The number of flyers you will print will depend on:

1) Your budget
2) The number of people within your catchment area: If you 200,000 people reside within the area the outreach is going to take place, you will definitely need more flyers than if there are just 10,000 persons
3) The number of people you are planning for: If you plan for 200 people to attend your outreach, you will have to print less flyers than if you are targeting 1,000 people.

However, note that word of mouth is very powerful. Once the outreach has kicked off and people are getting checks and medications for free, even those who cannot remember what your flyers look like will get the information and will start rushing towards the venue. You may end up getting a bit overwhelmed.

About Banners

Banners are larger digital prints of your event. They can be printed on cloth or you can use a better material. You will need banners in the following places:

1) At strategic locations around town—This will serve as a reminder to the people before the D-day. These locations may include the parks, the town hall, the village square, even around schools

2) At strategic places leading to the outreach venue

3) At the medical outreach venue
The number of banners you are going to print will depend on your capacity and on how big or small the outreach is expected to be.

Medical Outreach Banner

Remember to take your banners same day or some days after the outreach, except you want to leave them as souvenir.


The importance of flyers in medical outreach awareness and publicity cannot be overstated. You need to have flyers and you need to have them well designed. This will add flavor to your outreach plans and provide your target audience the information they need before the outreach day.


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