How To Prepare For MBBS Entrance Exams in Nigeria: 7 Important Steps You Need To Take Right Away

Mbbs entrance exam in Nigeria
Mbbs entrance exam in Nigeria

How can a student prepare for MBBS entrance exam in Nigeria?


Getting admitted into the MBBS program is difficult everywhere in the world, including Nigeria.

How do you prepare well and secure a slot in the university of your choice in order to study this course?

In this blog post, we are going to walk you through seven things you need to do in order to prepare successfully for the MBBS entrance examinations.

What are the MBBS entrance examinations in Nigeria?

To get admitted into MBBS program in Nigeria, you need to write

1) The UTME exams.

This is the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination.

2) After that, you will be required to sit for the post-UTME examination of the institution you applied to, provided you meet up with the cut-off mark

These are highly competitive exams and many times their scores are put together and an aggregate is gotten.

Remember, these are not just the only requirements for admission into medical school.

You also need to have a good O’Level result.

How can you prepare for MBBS entrance exam in Nigeria?

Now we get to the main purpose of this blog post.

The 7 things you need to do to prepare for MBBS entrance examination successfully in Nigeria are as follows:

1) Understand the nature and the pattern of the examinations.

In order to prepare for something and do it successfully, you need to first of all study what that thing is all about.

This is also true for MBBS entrance examinations in Nigeria.

You need to find out what the examination is like, that is, the nature of the examination, the kind of questions asked, as well as how to prepare for that examination.

This background information is going to help you as you prepare. It’s also going to help you in your reading.

You also need to find out about the syllabus for the examination.

What are the things you need to read? What are the topics you need to cover?

It doesn’t make sense going into an examination and seeing a question that you never knew or you never expected will be asked. So that’s importance of having knowledge of the syllabus.

You also need to understand the formats for the examination.

For instance, you may have a question, followed by 4 or 5 options and you have to choose the most correct option. This is the commonest format for examination.

You need to have this knowledge before going for the examination so that as you see the questions, you will not be confused.

You also need to know the key areas to focus and the key things you need to read.

2) You need to work out a study plan.

Having found out the nature of the exam, the next thing you need to do is to set up a system with which you study and cover the syllabus as much as possible.

You need to sit down and create a time table, determining how many hours in a day or in a week you need to study.

Allocate study times to the different subjects and topics.

Remember to also put in times of break and rest so that you can relax your brain after a while.

The importance of developing a study plan is just that you will know you’ll be able to monitor or quantify your progress as you prepare for the examinations.

When you do not have a plan, it will be difficult to evaluate what you’ve done.

When you are not working with a plan, you may discover that a week to the examination, you may feel like you’ve not read anything; you don’t even know what you’ve been doing all this while.

This can put you in a state of panic. However, when you have a well defined study plan, you’re able to know day by day, week by week, what you’re supposed to be reading and studying.

This helps you to know whether you are actually putting in as much effort as you should.

3) Get study materials and get a lot of them.

In this digital age, when you have many things online and even offline, it will be a disadvantage to you to go for an exam without laying hands on all the necessary materials. In order to do this effectively, you need to sit down and decide on the relevant materials and resources you need.

First of all, what are the textbooks you need? Apart from the textbooks, what are the other study materials, study guides, summaries and all that that you need?

When you identify these, you can then go ahead to buy these textbooks; buy as many as you can afford.

You could also look for some libraries around that have the relevant textbooks, so you can begin to go to these libraries in order to make use of the textbooks.

You need to also look for friends or colleagues that have these materials, and also liaise with them so that you can be able to use the materials when they are free or they are not being used by the owner.

When you lay hands on all the necessary materials, it will help you as you plan your study timetable and your study schedule and pattern.

You cannot effectively plan your study when you don’t have the right materials to read.

4) Study with past question papers

The importance of past questions in preparing for examinations cannot be overemphasized.

The past questions are not meant to make you lazy. They are not for you to just cram the answers, hoping that questions will be repeated. Questions are not necessarily repeated.

In fact, it’s a lazy examiner that repeats questions often.

The only thing that past question paper does for you is that it shows you what to expect during the examination.

It helps you to read more in depth around the particular topics of the questions.

When you study with past questions, you study more in depth such that when you see that question in a different form, you can still be able to answer it correctly.

Another thing to note when you’re looking at past questions, especially the ones that have answers attached to them, is that you need to derive the answers to these questions by yourself.

Sometimes people get lazy when they see past questions and they just grab the answer.

However, you’re only doing a disservice to yourself because if that question is twisted a little in another form, you discover that you’re going to fail it.

So when you have a past question, you need to be able to solve as much of the questions as you can by yourself and understand the reason why the answers are what they are

5) Network with people who have succeeded in previous examinations

You need to find out the people that have gone ahead of you or the people that have gotten to that place you want to be and, as much as possible, you need to work with them.

This is the same for MBBS entrance examinations.

First of all, you need to identify the people that have done these examinations and have succeeded in getting admitted to the medical school of your choice.

Then you need to meet with them. When you meet them, you need to come with an attitude of learning and be humble.

You need to find out the tips from them, how they studied and what the key factors that made them succeed were.

When you find out these things, you can also compare with your own strategies and methods and know the ones you’ll be able to implement.

Remember, you may not be able to implement every single advice given to you by everybody.

What happens is when you get this advice from these people, kick off with the implementation.

From time to time get back to them and update them on your progress. This will enable them to keep tabs with you as well.

They can even advise you on the areas you’re not getting it properly.

6) Manage your time well

One key area of this is that you need to start preparing early.

Some people may lazy around only to wake up a few weeks to the examinations and discover that there are a lot of materials to go through.

Then it becomes very stressful for them. Some even break down and fall sick before the examination.

This is as a result of the unnecessary stress or pressure they put themselves to as a result of poor time management.

Another area that time management is important is during the examination.

During the examination, you need to understand how to apportion your time to different questions so that you don’t end up spending unnecessary time on a particular question.

This may jeopardize your chances of completely answering the other remaining questions.

You need to avoid distractions as you prepare for the exams.

Reduce your screen time. Reduce the amount of time you watch movies and other things that may not be so relevant to what you’re pursuing.

Remember, you have a goal, which is to get admitted into the medical school of your choice in Nigeria.

Therefore, any other thing that is not contributing to that goal needs to be tackled.

7) You need to do a mock examination practice.

UTME examinations are now done by CBT method in Nigeria.

You go to an accredited cybercafé on the exam day, log into your exam portal and you start answering the questions while a countdown timer is on.

Just Google “UTME free mock CBT” and you will see many online platforms where you can practice for free.

The mock CBT will expose you to what it looks like to do the actual examination.

You will discover if you can answer the questions within the specified time duration.

If time runs out on you, it means you need to go back, read more, practice more and also work on your speed of answering questions.

Someone who has not attempted the mock CBT may run into many hitches on that day of examination.

It will be easier for you to do because you have been exposed to this something similar previously.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, we looked at the seven ways you can successfully prepare for MBBS entrance examinations in Nigeria.

With these tips, you have a good chance of being better prepared for entrance examinations into Nigerian medical schools of your choice.

After getting admitted into the medical school of your choice, you can then begin to talk of how to pass your MBBS examinations easily.

Have you learnt something new from this post that you are going to apply?

Let us know in the comments below


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