Health Talk on Environmental Sanitation: Key Things You Need To Know

Health talk on environmental sanitation
Health talk on environmental sanitation



in this blog post we are going to be delving into important things you need to know when talking about when giving a health talk on environmental sanitation.

Why is health talk on environmental sanitation important?

Now we look at why health talk on environmental sanitation is important.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), poor sanitation has a large negative effect on both the social and economic development of the affected population.

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Some of the reasons why health talk on environmental sanitation is important include:

1) To prevent diseases

Poorly maintained environment can give rise to a lot of issues such as cholera, typhoid, diarrhea as well as some waterborne diseases.

It can also lead to skin and eye infections.

Having the right knowledge about environmental sanitation and implementing them will bring about a reduction in the rate of some of these diseases.

2) Environmental sanitation is needed in order to reduce the burden of disease in communities, especially in many developing countries.

3) Environmental sanitation helps in protecting the environment as well as preserving the natural resources

4) Environmental sanitation is a key component of the sustainable development and it actually goes a long way in improving the well being of communities, both rural and urban.

5) Environmental sanitation is a human right, meaning it is nonnegotiable.

So when we fail to talk about it or to give enough attention to it, it impinges on the attainment of the sustainable development goals.

6) Effective environmental sanitation is very important in reducing the rate at which greenhouse gases are emitted as well as the effects of climate change.

7) Environmental sanitation is not just a problem of one person.

It requires a collaboration of so many agencies such as Ministry of Health, Ministry of Environment, even the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Urban Planning and so on.

8) Environmental sanitation is necessary in the face of a rapidly growing population and urbanization.

So if environment is not well handled in terms of sanitation, urbanization and population growth will lead to very serious negative effects

Who is the target audience for health talk and environmental sanitation?

Some of the people that are targeted during a health talk on environmental sanitation include

1) Community members

This is important because everybody is affected one way or the other by the poor environmental sanitation.

This is equally important, especially important for those who live in areas with poor culture of environmental sanitation.

These ones are at most highest risk of getting infected diseases that come as a result of poor environmental sanitation.

2) Community leaders and opinion leaders,

In the community, there are people that have a good influence on the rest of the members of the community.

Some of them include the traditional rulers, the President Generals(PGs), town union leaders, the markets leaders, the youth leaders, the parks’ union leaders and so on.

These ones have a very great influence over the people they lead.

When they pick the message, they will now enlighten their members on what to do.

3) Public health professionals

To talk of public health professionals, we mean doctors, nurses and other health professionals.

This is because they work in the hospitals and they’re involved in seeing and treating people that are coming with diseases as a result of poor environment sanitation.

4) Environmental health experts.

These are people working in the field of environmental sanitation.

They know the trends and the things going on and they let that happen. So it’s also important to keep them up to date.

5) Policy makers

When we talk about policy makers, we mean people that are responsible for not only developing, but implementing and even monitoring and evaluating environmental sanitation programs.

6) Non governmental organizations that are involved in environmental sonitation.

7) Environmental activists

These are people that campaign for a healthy environment.

8) Town planners, architects and builders are responsible for building and designing structures which have a great impact on the environment

9) Students in the field of public health, environmental health, medicine, nursing and so on.

10) The general public, including people that just want to learn about environmental sanitation.

These may not necessarily be people that live in areas of poor environmental sanitation; they just have an interest in knowing more about the rudiments of environmental sanitation.

11) Media outlets and journalists

These are very important because of the impact the mass media make on the people.

So journalists can also be targeted for health talk on environmental sanitation because they will still go back to their TV stations and disseminate information to the general public.

Who are the people that give health talk on environmental sanitation?

1) Public health officials and epidemiologists.

These are people that have the requisite knowledge about the current situation and trends concerning environmental sanitation.

2) Environmental health specialists and experts

These are professionals and they include sanitary engineers, environmental scientists and so many other people that work in the realm of environmental sanitation.

3) Health educators and communicators

They can arrange the information and disseminate in a way that is concise and clear to the intended audience.

4) Non governmental organizations that are involved in health in environmental sanitation.

5) Community health workers and volunteers.

These are people that reach the communities in order to provide information to the local people on what to do about the environmental sanitation problem.

6) Media and journalists

These are people that report or write articles about environmental health and other sustainable development issues.

7) Social media influencers

YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram handles owners with many followers.

These channels influence and can educate the general public on the need for proper environmental sanitation.

8) Medical, nursing, dental students, and students in health related fields who may have an interest in learning about environmental sanitation.

9) Policymakers and government officials.

These are people that are responsible for environmental sanitation plans.

So they’re coming during a health talk to enlighten the audience on the latest guidelines or the latest plans of the government concerning environmental sanitation.

What are the occasions in which health talk on environmental sanitation can be given?

1) World Environment Day

This occurs on 5th June every year.

It is a day set aside to create awareness about the issues of environment and sanitation and also to promote sustainable development.

2) National and international conferences on environmental health.

3) Community events such as meetings, annual events, get togethers, festivals, August meeting and so on.

4) Medical outreaches

As part of the health talk during the outreach.

5) Schools and university events.

Some of these include health education classes, public lectures and so on.

6) Environmental sanitation campaign programs.

These are events that can be organized by non governmental organizations or even the government.

7) Medical and nursing school lectures

8) Professional training

Some of these professional training events, which are called Continuing Professional Development courses.

This is for health professionals and some of the topics may include topics on environmental sanitation.

9) Online webinars and conferences.

This can be on WhatsApp, Google Meet, Zoom or other virtual platforms

10) Online forums on public health.

11) Events that are related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Challenges encountered during health talk on environmental sanitation

1) Limited awareness or understanding of how serious environmental sanitation should be among the target population.

2) Resistance to change.

Many people will prefer to doing the wrong things, even though it is impacting negatively on their health and that of those around them.

3) Reduced funding and resources for environmental sanitation programs.

4) Barriers which include cultural and language barriers, which may make it difficult for the person handling the health talk to effectively pass across the message to the intended audience.

5) Access to reach the targeted audience

Some of them may live in some remote areas or in some places that may be difficult to reach by road because of poor road networks.

Some may also live in places that you have to go only by boats to get to them.

Important things to talk about during health talk on environmental sanitation

1) Why environmental sanitation is important for individuals, communities and the nation.

2) Causes of poor environmental sanitation.

3) Effects of poor environmental sanitation

4) The role of the individual and community in maintaining good environmental sanitation.

5) The role of government and non governmental organizations in maintaining environmental sanitation.

6) The need to have adequate and proper waste management in order to improve environmental sanitation.

7) Importance of clean water and adequate water supply.

8) Importance of air quality management as well as the effects of air pollution on human beings.

8) Tips or strategies to improve environmental sanitation in communities

9) Why research is needed in the area of environmental sanitation.

10) Imporrance of global partnerships and collaborations in ensuring environmental sanitation.


Environmental sanitation is a big area when it comes to health.

Having a talk on the topic is an important step to take in order to achieve environmental sanitation.

This is because it educates people and make them take a decision to move forward and be responsible for the environmental sanitation.

When handled right, it can have a positive effect on the longterm environmental sanitation and health of the people.


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