Introducing: 16 Functions Of Federal Ministry Of Health In Nigeria


Have you ever wondered what the functions of Federal Ministry of Health in Nigeria are? What exactly does this Ministry do and how is it of benefit to Nigerians? Read on as you will soon find out. In this post, we present the function of the Federal Ministry of Health.

Basic Things To Know About The Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH)

The Federal Ministry of Health deals with policies and activities relating to the health of the Nigerian citizens.

Some of the things to note about this Ministry are:

1) The Ministry of Health in Nigeria is headed by a Minister. The current Minister of Health in Nigeria is Dr. Osagie Ehanire.

2) The Minister of Health is assisted in his duties by a Minister-of-State for Health. The current Minster of State for Health is Hon. Joseph Ekumankama.

3) The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry is Mahmuda Mamman.

16 Functions of Federal Ministry of Health in Nigeria

The Ministry of Health performs a lot of functions. Generally, these functions are geared towards ensuring good health for Nigeria.

We look at the functions of the FMOH. They are as follows:

To ensure the development of national health policy and issue guidelines for its implementation.

The Federal Ministry of Health is the apex or the highest government ministry that is concerned with addressing different health needs of Nigerians and setting up health policies.

We have issues like Maternal Health, Child Health, Mental Health, Occupational Health and Safety. These are things to look at in the functions of the Federal Ministry of Health in Nigeria.

So, at the national level, the Ministry of Health develops policies to address these issues and then they ensure the policies are fully implemented.

The Federal Ministry of Health collaborates with states and local governments to ensure that appropriate mechanisms are set up for the implementation of national health policies.

In the states, we have the State Ministry of Health, which work in close partnership with the Federal Ministry of Health.

Collaborates with national health departments in other countries and international agencies.

International collaboration is needed for effective discharge of the duties of the FMOH. There is always one thing or the other to learn from other countries that are doing it right. All these are geared towards ensuring good health services to Nigerians.

Promote adherence to norms and standards for the training of human resources for health.

Ensure continuous monitoring, evaluation and analysis of health status and performance of the functions of all aspects of the national health system.

Coordinates health and medical services delivery during national disasters.

In 2022, Nigeria had terrible flooding disaster which cut across many states in the country. The Federal Ministry of Health is very well involved in order to ensure that people get access to health medical services during periods like this.

Participates in intersectoral and inter-ministerial collaboration.

The FMOH collaborates with other Ministries, for instance, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture, among others.

Conduct and facilitate health systems research in the planning, evaluation and management of health services.

The Ministry of Health conducts researches on different areas of health care and diseases. They look at the data obtained and this help them in proper planning of health services.

Ensure the provision of tertiary and specialised hospital services.

Tertiary health care is the highest level of health care in Nigeria. Here, you deal with specialised services, investigations, procedures and surgeries that are not available at the level of both the primary and secondary health care.

At the tertiary health facilities, you have Consultants, Resident Doctors and a lot of other health staff.

The tertiary health facilities include:

1) The Teaching Hospitals

2) Specialist Hospitals

3) Federal Medical Centres

4) National Orthopedic Hospitals

5)Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospitals

These hospitals are actually under the jurisdiction of the Federal Ministry of Health.

Ensure and promote the provision of quarantine and port health services.

The Ministry of Health is involved in the seaports, airports and land borders. These are avenues through which people travel in and out of Nigeria as well as bring goods into the country.

Determine the minimum data required to monitor the status and use of resources.

Promote availability of good quality, safe and affordable essential drugs, medical commodities, hygienic food and water.

Issue guidelines and ensure the continuous monitoring, analysis and good use of drugs and poisons, including medicines and medical devices.

The Federal Ministry of Health also works with some agencies like the National Agency for Food Drug Administration and Control.

The Federal Ministry of Health in Nigeria prepares strategic, medium term health and human resources plans annually for the exercise of its powers and the performance of its duties under the National Health Act.

Ensure that the national health plans already prepared are reflected in government’s plans.

So when they develop these plans, they request funding for it, and they also put up programmes that will enable these plans to be achieved.

The Federal Ministry of Health provides assistance to State Ministries of Health

Some of the assistance they provide to state ministries of health include:

1) technical assistance in the development of states health policies and plans.

2) commodities and technical materials, including methodologies, policies and standards for use in program implementation, including monitoring and evaluation.

3) other technical assistance as may be necessary.

Wrapping Up

The Federal Ministry of Health in Nigeria is the apex government agency charged with ensuring optimal health for Nigerians. The Ministry of Health carries out these functions through some of the departments within the Ministry.

Do you think the Federal Ministry Of Health is living up to its expectations?


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