Impact: The Top 7 Advantages Of Health Education Explored

advantages of health education
advantages of health education


Health education is very important for everyone because it helps to promote health good health as well as disease prevention

In this blog post, we are going to be looking at top seven advantages of health education.

A Brief Recap: What Is Health Education?

Health education simply means providing people with the options they need to know about health issues that concern them and then allowing them to make an informed choice based on the information they have received.

The World Health Organization has given a robust definition of health.

Key takeaways from this definition include:

1) Being healthy doesn’t necessarily mean someone does not have a disease or an illness

2) Health encompasses virtually every area of our lives

Thus, when we talk about health education it is bringing to the consciousness of people what they should do all the best practices in order to maintain health in virtually every aspect of their lives

In health education, people are actively carried carried along and various options are made available to them concerning a specific aspect of their health.

At the end of the day, they are left to make their decisions with a clear understanding of the consequences that will follow as a result of such decisions.

Everybody needs health education, no matter your race, age or other affiliations.

Top Seven Advantages Of Health Education

We will go ahead to list and explain the top seven advantages of health education

These advantages cut across individuals, families, communities and the nation as a whole.

The advantages of health education include

It leads to better physical and mental health outcomes

When health education is done properly, people get to know what to do in order to take care of them themselves both physically, mentally and in every other aspect.

When they are armed with this knowledge and they act on it, people tend to have better outcomes in the areas of their physical and mental health.

Health education can also provide people with the knowledge they need in order to cope with stressful physical and mental conditions.

This will enable them not to break down unnecessarily compared to if they did not have the requisite health education.

It encourages people to adopt healthy behaviors.

During health education the listeners are provided with the options they need to know.

They are also told about the things that make it more likely for them to have a particular disease or health condition. These are known as risk factors.

When people are aware of risk factors that predispose to some conditions, they are able to adopt lifestyle changes that will reduce the impact of those factors.

For instance, let’s say that a condition is caused by drinking too much soft drink. During health education, the people are enlightened about this situation and the relationship between such a situation and taking too much soft drink

When they now embark on a lifestyle or behaviour change which includes reduction in the amount of soft drinks they take, it ultimately brings about a reduction in the possibility of them coming down with such a health condition.

Ultimately, health education helps people to adopt healthier lifestyle behaviors

Health education improves the quality of life of people

When people are exposed to and act on the health education they have received, a lot of changes take place

First of all, there is an improvement in their physical and mental health.

Secondly, they don’t spend so much money again going to hospitals every now and then over avoidable health issues.

This also translates to reduction in cost of medical care which can be channeled into other aspects of life, thus resulting in a general improvement in the quality and standard of living

Health education leads to an improvement in health literacy

As a result of health education people are better able to understand how the health system works they are both to understand medical terminologies the able to understand the right things to do to keep the body healthy and also the right things to do when somebody is not feeling so well in his body system

This makes it possible for people to take better decisions regarding their health and thus improve the outcomes of their health

Health education makes people to be literate and up-to-date with issues concerning their health

As a result of health education people are able to know how their body functions.

They are also able to know how the health system in general functions.

In addition to that, they learn the things they should do to maintain good health as well as what they should do and how to seek help when they start feeling unwell.

Armed with this knowledge people are able to have better health seeking behavior

When most people in the society are health literate, don’t you think this is good for everybody?

Health education leads to an improvement in the productivity in the workplace

When people receive health education and act on it, they become healthier.

Not only that, they don’t fall sick always.

In addition, they are are fit both physically and psychologically in order to work.

This translates to better output at workplace for those who are working.

It also results in less time spent off work due to sickness.

It ultimately leads to an increase in productivity in the workplace compared to when there are no health education measures.

Health education helps to bring about an increase in the lifespan of people

When health education measures are applied and people respond positively to it, it brings about reduction or absence of unwanted health conditions.

People are able to live healthier lives with less time spent off work due to chronic health conditions.

At the end of the day, this translates to an improvement in the lifespan of the community.

Let us take an example

Let us say that a community is ravaged by malaria and a lot of children die as a result.

When health education is taught or applied in this community, it will result in in a reduction in the number of people that come down with malaria.

This is because the residents of that community would have learnt what causes malaria, how to control or prevent its spread as well as what to do when they have somebody that is sick as a result of this condition.

it will also reduce the number of people that come down with serious or severe malaria.

At the end of the day, it ultimately leads to a reduction in the deaths due to malaria.

People are able to live longer than what should have been expected as a result of all these diseases people b


As we have noted from this post, health education is a very important tool in helping people keep abreast of what they should know about their health.

It also helps people to take correct decisions in favor of good health.

At the end of the day, health education when applied and the lessons acted upon by the recipients can have a lot of positive effects on individuals, family, society as well as the country and the globe or


What is the purpose of health education?

The purpose of health education is to help people make informed decisions about their health.

What are the best outcomes for health education?

The best outcomes for health education occur when people know what to do in order to take care of themselves physically, mentally and in every other aspect of their lives.
Knowing what to do is not just enough; doing it is the ultimate goal of health education

How effective is health education?

The effectiveness of health education depends on a number of factors.
This includes the message being delivered, the person delivering the message, the mode of delivery of the health education as well as the target audience.


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